New Era Housing Project

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Echovolt Records

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Analoguish vibes all over 'Natural World'. Keeping things simple to high effect. Casio keyboard style yet that bassline is sooo good. Tasty!
'6400 Block' keeps the analogue feel present but a bit more restrained. The beat makes you think we are dealing with a house track but are we really? It works in mysterous ways this one - wait for the keys to come in. 
'Going Away' is arguably the most dancefloor oriented track on offer, however, it is a particular dancefloor we are talking about - it is my dancefloor! A very special one where only non-obvious dancefloor tracks are allowed. This one will make it to my playlist with its very playful cowbell and sumptuous melody. 
'Carmina' takes us to the dark side. A bit more techy and cold with a basline that keeps the whole structure in check. The beatiful confetti that starts falling half way through this track is worth the entire EP. Oh boy, it is good. 
A solid constrained techno, house, italo-ish release on offer for 'those who know' - whatever that means! Is anybody reading this?


Sil says: Solid and sumptuous release with four very good tracks that cover an ample spectrum of melodic, soft and warm techno. Flirtations with italo and house are ever present here.


1. Natural World
2. Carmina
3. 6400 Block
4. Going Away 

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