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Here at Piccadilly we've long since suspected the presence of some sort of undisclosed additive in the Melbourne water, how else do you explain the volume of breathtaking dance releases we've heard from our antipodean cousins of late. Thing is, Kirkis appears to be drinking/swimming/pissing in an entirely different stream; a strange sonic world where Numan, James White and/or Chance, Liquid Liquid, Sisters Of Mercy, The Cure and Bowie (Berlin period obvs) play to sold out crowds of mutant cheerleaders and speed-freak cyber punks. For every bit of gnarly post punk skronk ("Dark Rom"), there's a bedsit love song ("Forever") waiting in the wings. "Dead Nightclub" trips us out with some utterly spangled sound design and proper 80s pop chops, while "Vicky Can't Fly" transitions from the cinematic synth sound much beloved of our own Barry to a super sincere and slightly psychedelic Bowie-style anthem. Self-released, limited and better than 99% of other music, I'd advise you buy one.


Patrick says: To quote my dear friend, and former colleague Michael, "this has fucked me up". If I were on WhatsApp right now I'd be communicating only in fire emojis. Melbourne's Kirkis condenses everything brilliant about the early 80s (new wave, post punk, goth) into the strongest alternative pop release I've heard for a long time. Essential listening for fans of Ariel Pink I reckon.


1. Victrola The Britian
2. Dead Nightclub
3. Adult CGI
4. Freak Club
5. Dark Room
6. Forever
7. Vicky Cant Fly
8. Liverpool Clown
9. Ur DNA
10. Inside Your Body 

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