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Acid Raindrops - Inc. Hidden Spheres / Baltra Remixes)

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Axe Traxx

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Four tracker here for you dancefloor fiends. Floritudes aside here is our breakdown.

'Acid Rainbows' pedals along with its gentle acid flirtations filled with very warm and cushy atmospheres. Simple keys keep everything 'cute'. Drowning in good intentions, this is pallatable even for the least versed listener. There is nothing in here that will take you down from your fluffly cloud. A feat. 

'Song at Night'. Gosh, what a change, my dear. Is that hidden filtered vocal down there NIna Kraviz? Gosh, oh gosh! Anyway, after I compose myself, let me tell you that this is a killer house track. And do not run away, but this one truly fits a tech-house set start. The beat is punchy as f++k and the keys are shouting 'bad boy' all over the place. Well done. 

Baltra on the flipside, understands this tune from a different perspective. He takes you back to mid 90s, brave man! Breaks all over the place but without being too aggro. Soothing keys keep it nice and warm. Just a different take. 

And we come back to the beginning. Hidden Spheres offers you his rendition by going playful and quirky on an already well rounded track. . 

Fellas, this one should be in your bag now!


Sil says: Energetic and varied. A bit for everyone but solid all around. Not an easy feat! Enjoy and own it!


A1. Acid Raindrops
A2. Song At Night
B1. Song At Night (Baltra Remix)
B2. Acid Raindrops (Hidden Spheres Remix)

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