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Terminal Madness

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Phantasy Sound

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This triple pronged battle weapon from Cowboy Rhythmbox takes its inspiration from a wealth of disparate elements, the brutal drum machine swagger of early Chicago house, the murky world of 1980's video arcades, the bleeps of Sheffield, arcane home computing documentaries recorded to VHS & public access TV; and though this reads like a load of absolute nonsense, you'll quickly grasp where the producers are at.

"Terminal Madness" recalls said video arcades; with a primal EBM throb supporting a dazzling array of bleeps and stepped sequences. "Hands Inside The Car" is a dark and wigged out number, with a hint of Poindextor hidden amongst those gliding acid lines and ADSR-tweaked squeaks; there's also a vocal smothered in PCP hidden in the recesses of the mix.

"Vodonik" concludes, a stark, glacial post-rave beast which deconstructs a stadium filling beast into a functional, highly effective club tool that'll work in the most cavernous of warehouses and the seediest of rave dungeons. Killer stuff here from Cowboy Rhythmbox - recommended!


Sil says: Sorry folks, but the word rave keeps springing to mind. Three heavy beasts that can truly define your weekend. Escapism at its best. 'Terminal Madness' is a trippy trip!


A1. Terminal Madness
A2. Hands Inside The Car
B1. Vodonik

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