Dina Gad

Crack The Whip

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Thank You

About this item

Those fine folks at Sound Metaphors kick off their Thank You sub label with an essential reissue of Dina Gad's sexy / sleazy S&M stomper "Crack The Whip". Originally released in 1989, this slo-mo slice of late night fun fuses the pilled up euphoria of Italo house pads with the cracking, snapping and slapping percussion and bubbling bass of New Beat. Of course, the most notable element is probably the orgasmic and erotic vocal - not for the faint of heart, but pretty effective at 3 a.m! Alongside the sprawling and strange "First Version", as per the original release, we get the trippier slow build of the "Second Version", which keeps us on the edge for two full minutes before letting the drums kick in. Last up is the entirely NSFW acapella version, perfect for adventurous jocks and inappropriate wedding sets. 

This 1989 reissue is a rare downtempo italo house track. Don't sleep!


Patrick says: I effin love this! A record bag staple for the likes of Tolouse Low Trax and Joe from Zmatsutsi, this leather clad late 80s stomper takes Italo house to Boccaccio for an entirely X-rated night out. Ace.


A1 Crack The Whip (First Version)
B1 Crack The Whip (Second Version)
B2 Crack The Whip (Acappella) 

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