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Palto Flats

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Through their reissues of Midori Takada, Mariah and Yasuaki Shimizu, or contemporary "club" cuts from Conga Square, Palto Flats have made a serious commitment to the unconventional. It's entirely (perhaps insanely) appropriate that Nagoya-based experimentalist Foodman should take the reins for their new release. A 5 track 12” focused on deep, tactile rhythmic and offbeat tracks, "Moriyama" tilts on some of the producer’s most dance-friendly work. Opener “Mizuboro” (meaning water bath) conjures visions of babbling springs, tropical lagoons and those Shishi-Odoshi water features (think the Kill Bill samurai showdown). Comprising of 8 bit bleeps, pygmy polyphony and woody percussion, this offbeat club cut flirts with minimal techno before swelling into a strange chimera of off-kilter new age house. Next up, "Kishimen" continues to wow us with the weird, serving up the kind of strange and shattered fx abuse Stimming made his own around a concentrated solution of Casiotone techno. Foodman drifts between the anaesthesia of deep house pads and free-jazz intensity of early noughties glitch for "Nanika" before experimenting with traditional instrumentation & vocal forms to create a special post-ambient/dance hybrid on "Soudesu". Finally, "Tokai Desu" brings us bleeps, Cornelius-style guitar and jazzy flute tones for an emotive downbeat closer. Named after the district he lives in, Moriyama represents some of Foodman’s most direct, accessible work - a full helping.


Patrick says: Palto Flats take a break from their radical reissue program to unleash the latest release from Japan's experimental auteur Foodman. His most club-centric release to date (which says little to be honest), "Moriyama" is a five track snapshot of post-glitch, new age house and demented downbeat positioned somewhere between Cornelius and Wolf Muller's Tropical Drums.


1. Mizuburo
2. Kishimen
3. Nanika
4. Soudesu
5. Tokai Desu 

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