Time Square

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Sound Metaphors

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Berlin's Sound Metaphors continue on the reissue trail, shining a light on this sublime 1994 Ambient Acid trip by Cologne Acid Techno heroes Walker & Khan (originally on legendary Mille Plateaux). Championed by Sven Vath at the time, the track is a longform 35 minute hardware jam, recorded live and split into two sections. The A-side takes us from the quantum to the galactic, building out of silence via rippling sequences, shifting sound design and off beat bleeps. First hypnotising, then raising you up to a higher state of consciousness, this shit becomes life changing once the kick comes in - a full nine minutes into the track. If you dig on that wild live techno style we get from Ste Spandex, you'll be all about this.


Patrick says: Outrageous reissue of Walker & Khan's ambient, acid techno masterpiece, guaranteed to take you to a higher state of consciousness.


A Time Square - Part I
B Time Square - Part II 

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