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Bem-Vinda Amizade

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Originially released in 1981, Jorge Ben's "Bem-Vinda Amizade" saw the legendary Brazilian musician translate the tropicalia, samba and jazz styles with which he'd made his name into a rich and groovy strand of soulful MPB perfectly suited for cocktails by the pool. This contemporary sound, informed by years of songwriting experience and a deft touch with rhythm and melody, as well as its 80s release date made the LP a classic play on Italy's cosmic scene and in the nascent days of Ibiza's Balearic revolution. Opener "O Dia Que O Sol Declarou O Seu Amor Pela Terra" sets the scene with carnival rhythms, tropicalia guitar and a sing-a-long chorus, before the optimistic 80s soul of "Santa Clara Clareou" lays down a massive Balearic marker. The DJ heat continues with "Oé Oé (Faz O Carro De Boi Na Estrada)", a fresh cocktail of disco bass, boogie percussion and loose Latin guitar taken to the next level via Jorge's joyful vocal. And so it goes through another 7 essential tracks, all blending soul, disco and 80s pop with the classic sounds of Brazil - loved by the Balearic crowd, Brazilian collectors and anyone with taste, this is a total masterpiece!


Patrick says: Arguably the Brazilian Balearic masterpiece, Jorge Ben's "Bem-Vinda Amizade" is blessed with a flawless tracklist and love and appreciation from all your favourite DJs. And it's got a lovely doggo on the sleeve - nice touch.


A1. O Dia Que O Sol Declarou O Seu Amor Pela Terra
A2. Santa Clara Clareou
A3. Oé Oé (Faz O Carro De Boi Na Estrada)
A4. Era Uma Vez Um Aposentado Marinheiro
A5. Lorraine
B1. Curumin Chama Cunhãtã Que Eu Vou Contar (Todo Dia Era Dia De Índio)
B2. Katarina, Katarina
B3. Ela Mora Em Matogrosso Fronteira Com O Paraguai
B4. Para Que Digladiar
B5. Luiz Wagner Guitarreiro 

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