Sweat Till Your Body's Wet

Image of Dhaima - Sweat Till Your Body's WetImage of Dhaima - Sweat Till Your Body's Wet
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Miss You

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As is so often the case, "Sweat Till Your Body's Wet" was originally tucked away on the B-side, away from prying eyes and free of the straight jacket of perceived chart conventions. Co-written with Miami Vice actor Philip Michael Thomas (Rico MF Tubbs), the track is a synth and drum machine reggae bomb, complete with cosmic synth work and crazy vocoder. Imagine Sly & Robbie teaming up with Larry Levan on the Easy Street payroll, except it's all a figment of a Ruf Dug DMT trip. Check the clip - lose your shit!


Patrick says: Well this is entirely off its rocker! Rico Tubbs teams up with Dhaima to create a slo-mo vocoder reggae bomb based around a killer machine riddim. Ace


Sweat Till Your Body's Wet 

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