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Rare as (lovers) rocking horse shit this one folks, a truly mythical 7" from around 1975 that even your most ardent reggae collector might not know about.

Released on Ron-Lew records, an unfathomably tiny label that only put out about three sevens and one LP, no amount of Google searching's gonna blow the lid off this one folks. I'm not even gonna pretend to be up on this one - massive props going out to Canada's Shella records for bringing this to our attention.

"Rebel" is a hard skanking track, with typically rootsical lyrical content voiced by Sid Lovejoy (who's discography is also painfully thin on the ground in comparison to most other reggae vocalists). It's backed with the equally dread, "I Was Born To Be A Rebel", with its darker chord progression and hypnotic organ lines.

Jah knows where the label found this; but my personal guess, given the incredibly scarce details surrounding the release (and the fact that only about three have ever sold on discogs, all over £200) is that it's a rare, rare find from an explosive digging expedition, cleaned, remastered and re-pressed from said vinyl copy. I may be wrong, but I'd expect there to be more of a song and dance around a tune of this caliber, had the label gone through the traditional licensing route. Don't let put you off though - a TRUE reggae rarity here folks - there can't be that many of them left! 


Martin says: A hen's-teeth rare roots reggae romp from Canada. Check!


Side 1
1. Rebel
Side 2
1. I Was Born To Be A Rebel

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