Hidden Groove

Do You Wanna Groove

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Star Creature

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Second 7" to drop from Sean Chisholm this week - one under his Tension alias and the other, under the Hidden Groove nom de plume.

Wet Play picked up on this hot Glasgow funkster around three years ago, releasing "Your Sunshine" on "Where Good Friend's Meet #3" - the various artists EP showing you the sounds and feels of a good MCR drenching.

Now, US merchants of all things new disco, funk & boogie, Star Creature have muscled in on the action (albeit a little late to the party! - KP). 

"Do You Wanna Groove" combines his synonymous drum fills with tight n taut synth syncopation before dropping down this sick liquid chorus simply stating 'do you wanna groove, do you wanna move your body with me'. It's simple, highly effective formula one of the traits of this Scottish bad man. 

"Funkin All The Time" graces side B and we gotta hold our hands up here man - HG actually sent us this on digital quite some time ago looking to get it pressed onto wax and we took too long to sort it out (as can be the Wet Play way... - KP) so he's done what any sane man would do and get it out on a pro-active and better hyped label - whocanblamehim?! It's a funkin' KILLER track, with a chorus that you'll keep singing all day and some highly musical flute, synyth and guitar passage that really highlight how talented this muscian really is!


A. Do You Wanna Groove
B. Funkin All The Time

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