Ethan Gold Featuring John Grant

Sway Lake

Image of Ethan Gold Featuring John Grant - Sway Lake
Record Label
Elektrik Gold

About this item

Ethan Gold’s new double a-side 7’’ single from the film The Song Of Sway Lake is a limited edition talisman from a film about characters fixated with the past, and searching for old records in a grand lake house in the Adirondack Park.

The inimitable John Grant sings the haunting, quiet moonlight Lost Record Version, arranged to sound like a small group of musicians in 1939 playing after midnight in a barn. His range as a vocalist brings a pathos and gravity that is timeless, utterly convincing as a 30s performance, filled with emotion and longing.

English sisters trio The Staves sing the brassy daylight Big Band version, arranged as if it were a pop hit of 1947, all brash tight three-part harmonies, reflecting the razzle dazzle arrogance and exhuberance of post-War America. Swing your honey around the dance floor!

Composed & Produced by Ethan Gold. Arrangements by Gina Leishman. Mixed by Flood.


‘Sway Lake (Lost Record Version) Ethan Gold Featuring John Grant
‘Sway Lake (Big Band Version) Ethan Gold Featuring The Staves

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