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Star Creature

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Star Creature enlist the talents of Glasgow's Hidden Groove aka Tension for another boogie romp on 7". I'm not gonna mince my words here - Wet Play put this record out THREE years ago - and it wasn't on seven inch either - it was the outside cut of a heavy 12" pressing. Star Creature behind the times somewhat, recycling a track that's already done the rounds across Manchester and beyond (when I'm sure the artist has got 'nuff new material to keep us satisfied).

Anyway, as I said back then, "Your Sunshine" IS a ridiculously good track, so we'll let the producer off giving it a second airing on a *cough* slightly more credible label (just make sure ya give us a cut of those touring royalties gee! ;) )

It comes backed with "Call Me" (actually the lead track - ed) which is thankfully, new material, and sees a vocodered chorus hook met with glorious backing vocals, tasty marimba and those HG trademark tom rolls.

Look, there's no escaping it, Sean Chisholm's a major player on the modern funk and boogie scene; but props still gotta go out to Wet Play for signing "Your Sunshine" in the first place (and I'd like to see the Wet Play release added to the artist's discography too seen as it's a fatter pressing!). Anyway, don't know why I'm moaning, you can't get WGFM#3 for less than twenny quid 2nd hand now anyway, so bag yerself two Tension bangers for half the price and feel free to join the online discussion! :P - KP. 


Matt says: First time for everything! Was quite to shocked when this 'bootlegged' track from my own label landed on my lap to review this morning but such is life. Quite a compliment really - and fair play to Hidden Groove for getting his stuff out across the pond. It's all gravy! :)


A. Call Me
B. Your Sunshine

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