Art Of Tones

Unbalanced Part 1

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Local Talk

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Art Of Tones breaks the all important first album deadlock with a tasty selection of cuts for Local Talk. 

The divine Frenchmen has produced a nothing short of faultless discography of singles and remixes, but has yet to drop a complete artist statement such as this. Set across two parts, and taking his soulful, bumpin', sample-friendly approach laced with funky leads and swinging beats, AOT delves straight into the dance, perfectly encapsulating what the producer is about across two succinct and well sequenced discs. Comparisons could be drawn with Dan Shake, MCDE, Crazy P and Maurice Fulton but these are merely place markers to guide you to the final destination - Art Of Tones rocks the discotheque with his own stance and style and "Unbalanced" competes with some of the best dance music longer players of the last five years! Top marks!


Matt says: Hips swinging, elbows out, shoulders rolling! It's that typical Local Talk canter we know and love and it's fighting fit and ready for action.


A1. Prologomenes
A2. Keep On Having Fun
A3. Where One Is
B1. Have Fun For A Little
B2. I Can
B3. To The Limit

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