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Amuse Bouche Vol. 1

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Four talented chefs join forces and serve up the first course of Amouse Bouche. All newcomers to my taste buds, I was excited to get stuck into the various flavours on offer and I wasn't disappointed!

Lamia Tobira dishes out a thick, gloopy and fast flowing xylophone-led jazz-funk dish, the likes of which you'd surely catch MCDE, Jeremy Underground and Marcel Vogel surely feasting on delightfully in the dance.

Edith Folky's "Cognac Cookery" sees a perc heavy breakbeat glaze a series of organ & brass stabs, vocal choruses and a proggy, funk-leaning mindset which is almost a spiritual experience.

Karol Themsel's "Have You Seen Al?" keeps that cinematic, jazz-funk vibe free-flowing through some seriously flanged out wah-wah, darting brass and perfectly conjured keyboard swirls for a car chase cruiser that all the best movie directors would be queuing up to use.

Duane Pale concludes proceedings with an extended, midtempo disco strut that's deliciously loose and flecked with boogie synths. 


Sil says: Duane Pale's 'Give Tony A Slice is a funky dub worth the entire ep. However, do not dismiss the other three cuts - all of them with plenty of energy and positive vibes to share!


A1. Lamia Tobira - Umami Dance
A2. Edith Folky - Cognac Cookery
B1. Karol Themsel - Have You Seen Al?
B2. Duane Pale - Give Tony A Slice

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