Mathis Ruffing

Hauntologist Belief-Systems EP

Image of Mathis Ruffing - Hauntologist Belief-Systems EP
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Banlieue Records

About this item

Highly recommended music here for modular; minds, techno fields and those with a penchant for machine made melodics. Mathis Ruffing seems to effortlessly concoct full colour liquid landscapes, with a drizzling of highly functional synthesizer rhythms contrasting beautifully with crisp and detailed drum patterns.

Where EP opener "Gengar" seems steeped in syncopation and a new breed of funk, second original, "Foliage" nods more to the hi-tech 4/4 of Detroit's Underground Resistance, only pushing the glistening, multi-pixled sound even further and into more advanced realms. Final track, "Time Is Out Of Joint" shows off the serene and delicate side of Ruffis' persona, with a smattering of volumous synth swells, drifting atmospheres and suspended chimes. Producer Curve is on hand to mix "Intra-Spectral", which dazzles the listener in polyrhythms and advanced textures.

A triumph of an EP, RIYL: Autechre, London Modular Alliance, Radioactive Man, DMX Crew and all dat good shit.


A1. Gengar
A2. Intra-Spectral (Curve Mix)
B1. Foliage
B2. Time Is Out Of Joint 

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