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MM Discos 06

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Mmmm yeah, it's time for another MMDISCOS, this time featuring the stellar selections and edit expertise of Franz Scala. Not only is Franz one of the biggest Italo DJs in the game, he's the owner of the excellent Slow Motion imprint, which stands alongside the likes of Red Laser and Bordello A Parigi at the top of the nuovo Italo tree. 
We're in electrifying Italo territory right from the off here as Franz works his magic on Electra's "Are You Automatic", a midtempo mover whose camp vocal examines cybernetic affairs while the chugging sequences and detailed percussion powers on below. Neon-tinged and stiff with hairspray, this high drama heater should move your floor from the warm up to the peak time perfectly. Over on the B1, Franz freaks GJ Lunghi's "Acapulco Nights", drawing every ounce of drama out of the resort-Italo classic. Building up from a majestic bassline, the track grooves through sparkling sequences, sci-fi stabs and swelling pads, peaking with a murmured vocal and big pianos - Italo perfection if you ask me. Not content with flooding your pleasure centres with "Acapulco Nights" Franz takes on Wish Keys' "The One You Love", stripping back the vocals, upping the tempo a little and letting those outrageous instrumental elements come to the fore. Sustained pads, jazz-meets-Italo bass synth and sublime sax take you there, then the uber-80's Cocaine in Rimini romance crashes in like a wave. Italo for the Balearic crowd!


Patrick says: Massive Italo edits from the Slow Motion label head. Stepping away from those slamming 4/4 heaters the techno DJs love to drop, this is resort Italo for the Balearic crowd - all end of season melancholy until the next bump arrives. In the bag!


A. Electra - Are You Automatic (Franz Scala Edit)
B1. GJ Lunghi - Acapulco Nights (Franz Scala Edit)
B2. Wish Keys - The One You Love (Franz Scala Edit)

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