Bitter End

Incapable / Princess / Feeling You Feeling Me

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Bitter End

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The Crooked Man releases another salvo on pre-release through his Bitter End moniker - possibly hinting at what material the Sheffield star is collating for his next album.

"Incapable" on side A, might just be the most uplifting hymn to emotional thick-skin you're ever likely to hear. With Parrot's thick n chunky bass and drum grooves powering it forward at a steady mid-tempo slug and a near-perfect vocally delivery from a fellow Dee-dar (colloquial term) (currently uncreditted).

On the flip we get the incendiary face melter, "Princess", paired with the meticulously constructed "Feeling You Feeling Me" which utilizes a classic electronic disco template to create an effortless piece of feel-good party music. 


Matt says: Bitter End attempts to recreate last year's crowning glory, dropping a near faultless 12" that'll appeal to fans of Crazy P and other new northern disco. We can't reveal who the vocalist is but Picc customers are gonna nail it first try. Enjoy!


A. Incapable
B1. Princess
B2. Feeling You Feeling Me

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