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Neutron Dance (Remixes) - Inc. Paul Woolford / Fango / Mano Le Tough / Gerd Janson Remixes

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Here we have the revisions of what some called the tune of the summer. If you have been watching those videos on youtube where the DJ faces the camera and the crowd is right behind the DJ - and sometimes right on top of him - you may have come across this tune. In fact, one of the remixers here - Gerd Janson - dropped it to great reaction. 
This is good old italo disco made today. And these remixes stand to the task. Big names backing this job.  
Mr Woolford takes the catchy riff and makes it big room material. That is what he does best so you get a bass heavy and peak time vibe with his remix. 
Fango goes a bit harder - too hard for me. Maybe perfectly right for you. Love the cowbells though! I grew up in the country side after all, me country pumpkin. 
Good old Mano Le Tough, softens things a tiny beat but does not slow the speed. More polished it is definetely and adds some smooth vocal samples to max effect.
Gerd Janson, is a fast paced house track that respects the original but adds some piano keys on the break. Not bad... but the original rules for me. 
Great package if you want some variations on the already great original. Enjoy!


Sil says: You need this if you do not have the original. If you do, still give it a listen because you may fall in love with Woolford's take. Pretty respectable!


1. Neutron Dance (Paul Woolford Jolly Roger Rework) (7:45)
2. Neutron Dance (Fango Remix) (7:08)
3. Neutron Dance (Mano Le Tough Vocal Mix) (6:55)
4. Neutron Dance (Gerd Janson Birkenstock Remix) (6:48)

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