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Frame Of Mind

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Hyperion became a cult hit in the underground scene during the last two years. The combination of warm melodies, grooving bassline and loud breakbeat is spot on and proves to provide for a timeless feel. That's why the record became more and more sought after and is going for big money on cogs, if one pops up that is. Gerd had to go through 500+ DAT tapes to retrieve original masters of the 4 tracks off this second It's Thinking EP he produced with two high school friends, Dirk & Mark, in the early 90's. It took us a while to prepare this package but finally here it is: remastered and sounding better than ever!


Matt says: Early Gerd Jansen numbers from the 90s that have been feverishly collected by those in the know. Now available for all the peasantry to revel in.


Frame Of Mind
Love Without Sound
Funky Finger

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