Ostatni Dzien Lata

Image of Pejzaz - Ostatni Dzien Lata
Record Label
The Very Polish Cut-Outs

About this item

Esteemed Piccadilly favourites The Very Polish Cut-Outs break a short hiatus with a rather dazzling new full length LP - the first album the label have released!

Pejzaz is the new project from Bartosz Kruszynski aka The Phantom, Earth Trax and half of Ptaki. It is a delightful exploration of mid-nineties chill, dusty samples, organic analogue sequences and beatless pieces, all referencing - as with the labels consistently brilliant output thus far - forgotten Polish rarities. The first press of this LP sold out in Poland before anyone else got a look in!

Super limited re-press - only 200 copies available! Buy now or you'll be crying into your bigos.


1. Baltyk
2. Miasta Mrok
3. Strugi Slonej Wody
4. Uwazaj Jak Tanczysz
5. Z Drugiej Strony Swiatla
6. Tyle Znaczen
7. Uciewczka
8. Najlatwiej Sie Zaszyc
9. Sny
10. Przyzwuczajamy Sie
11. Ostatni Dzien Lata
12. Wisla
13. Outro

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