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Dos Ritmos EP

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Klasse Wrecks

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Both tribal and ballistic, hypnotic and mesmerising 'Antropophony' is the new record from Dos Ritmos (Klasse Wrecks family members Luca Lozano and Phran). The two producers, based in Berlin and Barcelona, join forces over the sea to create a 5 tracker of demented drums and percussion, ghostly voices and haunted atmospheres. Opener "Yanomani" locks us into a rolling polyrhythm from the off, Lozano's trademark bass rumbling up from the earth as some shamanic vocals lifted from David Toop's "Lost Shadows" excursion. Next up, "High Volta" rattles and pings through the undergrowth, gaining momentum as the clattering percussion wraps pitched perx, woody flutes and one string guitar into a floor filling frenzy. "Masque" pushes the tempo and adds a layer of system smashing distortion to the organic palette, turning up the temperature for tribal techno presha. Moving further into the darkness "Cuero" gets down low with a ballistic broken rhythm and NANGING nasty ass synth line - get me to a basement! Finally, "Repeater" riffs on a classic spiritual reggae rhythm and turns it into a slow and low ritualistic roller.


1. Yanomani
2. High Volta
3. Masque
4. Cuero
5. Repeater

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