Americo Brito And Djarama

Nha D'stine

Image of Americo Brito And Djarama - Nha D'stineImage of Americo Brito And Djarama - Nha D'stine
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Record Label
Mar & Sol

About this item

Continuing the Cape Verde series Mar & Sol bring this fantastic masterpiece of an LP ”Nha D’stine” from the legendary singer Américo Brito and his band Djarama. Originally recorded in 1983 and released on a private press by Américo Brito, this masterpiece of sunkissed groove and uplifting energy has been long out of press, so props to Mar & Sol for bringing it back into reach for us minions!

Characterized by explosive keyboards, limber basslines, those irresistible rhythms unique to Cabo Verde and Américo Brito's infectious vocals, this is a a sunshine stunner you will undoubtedly cherish now and in 20 years. 


Sil says: Soulful as they come. This is blissful world music that radiates warmth and positive energy without the bloody patchouli essential oil being rubbed all over your face. Seriously essential repress for those of you who know!


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