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Sea Of Three

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Maayan Nidam's "Sea of Thee" is described as an underwater realm of 'tech blues noir'. It's an interesting an accurate description of these tracks that draw you in through their moody electronic soundbeds, manipulated vox and mechanized rhythms.

There's a thick, overhanging darkness surrounding the album that clings to the air like burnt plastic. Punishing piston drums occasionally attacking senses as well - it's both claustrophobic and terrifyingly isolated in equal measure.

Being as it is, on Perlon, it seems easily suited to both club environments and deep home listening, a facet of the label that's kept it relevant for so long across dance music and electronic music worlds. 


1. Dust And Dirt
2. Die Sonne Innere
3. Acid Kiss
4. In A Lair Of My Other
5. Octaface
6. Königin Von Saba
7. Forever Present
8. News From East

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