Steve Elliott

Completion Of A Miracle EP

Image of Steve Elliott - Completion Of A Miracle EP
Record Label
Rain & Shine

About this item

Rain & Shine continue the love for Steve Elliott’s self-produced music by giving his second LP "Completion Of A Miracle" (1982) another lease of life.

Remastered from the original reel-to-reel tapes. Includes dancefloor cut "Wake Up" which is both syrupy sweet and undeniably funky, and remarkably like fellow Californian Ned Doheny. "You Touched Me" is another evocative, bedroom-boogie-soul number with classic drum machines powering an assembly of synth-strings and unique vocal murmurings. Another essential release from Rain & Shine - set to become a future collector’s item? Youbetcha!


A1. Crying
A2. Easy Come (Instrumental)
A3. Wake Up
A4. Let’s Make Love

B1. Completion Of A Miracle
B2. You Touched Me
B3. Next Time (Instrumental)
B4. Certain People

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