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The EEE lot have remained deliciously anonymous throughout 2018. Each record's taken a twist on an established dancefloor theme, whether its tweaking Saint Germain's "Rose Rouge", stringing out a well known Depeche Mode classic, or simply conjuring up some up-all-the-next day tech-house business for the Berlin crowds, the label have given us a constant stream of interesting (and illicit) weapons.

Well, number five sees the in-house production team construct a glassy, spectral, Villalobossy groove from staccato perc hits and wobbly frequencies. But what's that? - no surely I've just had too much ket, or can I hear Destiny's Child slowly coming into focus. Yes, 'Esme! Tarqs! I can - holy shit ...' *runs up to DJ booth* ... 'mate mate, is this a reworking of Destiny's Child - aawwWW MAYTE' - **Maximum fist bumps**. Yep.

Heavy support already from the likes of Raresh, East End Dubs, Barac and Priku.

As always - one-sided, 180g, hand-stamped gear!


A1. Unknown

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