Nirosta Steel

Everybody Sing - Inc. Mind Fair & Cole Medina Remixes

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Nirosta Steel is a sometime alias of Steven Hall - musician and survivor of the `80s NYC`s art melting pot. "Everybody Sing" dances like Steven`s long-term collaborator and lost-way-too-early friend, Arthur Russell. Riding low rumbling bass, phased guitar & rhythmic picking that flickers in and out of the mix. Strings, choir boy falsetto, and blue yodel all working at cutting through its delay-drenched, dancefloor delirium.

L.A.`s Cole Medina delivers two reworks. His "Heavy Disco" take is intro`d by cowbell and synth swirls. Cymbals crash like sampled surf while Stratocaster microtones and echoes of the original, wash over an electronically re-imagined B-line and trippy keyboard sequences.

Cole`s "Knuckles Tribute" sets punchy B-line, poignant piano and gated orchestral euphoria against a classic Def Mix groove. Clarifying the lyric`s call for unity, the sheer warmth and texture of the mix should be plenty for nocturnal revelers to embrace.

Mind Fair`s version goes in for some tribal disco thumping. Stripping the track down before building it back up. Its big chesty kicks firing off like a cocaine-fuelled heartbeat Imagine Coati Mundi-meets-Jah Wobble and they make a track for The Loft and you'll be halfway there! Tasty EP this, full of fun and goodness! 


A1. Steven’s Housing Remix
A2. Version Mind Fair
B1. Cole's Knuckles Tribute Mix
B2. Cole's Heavy Disco Titanic Mix

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