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Multi Culti take to that dock-off magnet room from X-Men and slip on Professor X's tin foil hat, using their highly attuned powers of advanced telepathic mastery to track down rogue producer Zongamin - presumably in a Camden chem lab. Living under the radar for an unfathomable 13 years, the man who brought us the "Bongo Song" has gone truly off script in his musical pursuit, entering the realm of the alchemical as he transmutes Detroit string-house, futuristic electro, ceremonial flute-jazz and indie folk-tronica into a six track EP of higher dancefloor nonsense.
"Nonstop" kicks the set off with brooding bass hits, syncopated hats and Rhythim Is Rhythim string sounds, oddly warped into a Tokyo Bboy underground jam for robotic Bboys. "Underwater Paramid" follows swiftly, submerging a hypnotic electro drum track and frazzled psychedelic chords into an oceanic slammer for robotic Bbuoys. The tonality and textures of Japanese synthpop loom large on "Fractal Maze", a post-YMO hybrid of new wave and experimental pop which says sayonara to Side-A in the most cinematic style. Over the corner and Zongamin rocks us in a disco-not-disco style, squeezing live bass, techy bleeps and more cowbell into "DNA Mutation". The tempo drops and things get mystical on the B2 as the "Cosmic Serpent" slithers into the party, leaving a lysergic trail of crackling percussion, organic drums and evocative flute in its wake. Think Dadawah, Augustus Pablo and Dr John on a mescaline mission to the land of the cave dwellers. Lastly not leastly "High Tension" is a heavily textured, neon tinged translation of Afro-punk and dub funk into the psychedelic and synthetic language of Aaron Coynes' APC edits.


Patrick says: After a thirteen year hiatus Zongamin returns to Earth with an utterly unpredictable EP for Multi Culti. Loosely defined as psychedelic dance music, the EP fuses the organic and synthetic, upbeat and off kilter, in time and on point for all enthusiastic fans of a vision quest. This could just be the best Multi Culti yet...


A1. Nonstop
A2. Underwater Paramid
A3. Fractal Maze
B1. DNA Mutation
B2. Cosmic Serpent
B3. High Tension

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