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Fuck your late capitalist, Queen's Speech, Coca-Cola endorsed Christmas snooze-fest, we going full Saturnalia over here! The mysterious Cult Edits shout out all pre-Christian religions, with more mystical floor fuel for your ceremonial shake-downs and mind-elevating rituals. This shit's danker than your average cat, and takes to the turntable with a heavily scent of patchouli. Third eye engaged, ears open, let's go.
Russian tape maverick Lipelis leads the procession (presumably dressed like one of those Illuminati types in Eyes Wide Shut) electrifying a hypnotic balaphon track (whose provenance currently escapes me) with a simple, swelling bassline and some fiesty drumbox snap. Perdu gets all Papa Shango on our asses, wielding a Wolf Muller breakbeat, scroll of arcane incantations (+2 attack, +5 foresight) and the faintest hint of acid for the tripped out "Goldrush". Over on the flipside, Lithuania's Pletnev continues the freaky form he showed on Fleeting Wax with the frazzled tropical dancer "Silver Sand". Borderline bedouin guitars meets subtle electronic perx for a red hot romper in line with those Porridge Bullet pounders from a few years back. The Afro-techno vibe continues on the B2, as Multi Culti man Jono Ma gets super (not snooker) loopy with a palm wine pearler, subtly adjusting the EQ, filter and frequency response for maximum transcendence. Finally, M’papamo Dongo takes us full circle with the kalimba, balaphon and kora of "Limba Limba", ably supported with a simple two note bassline and some madcapped post minimal fx abuse. Good JUJU guaranteed my friends.


Patrick says: Fuck folklorica, Cult Edits come through with the Shamanic shizzle for your third eye, fourth world vibrations and your inner ear. These electronic-exotic edits are all killer no filler, but I'm gonna shout out Perdu for the speaker freakin' "Goldrush", an instant entry to my battle bag.


A1. Lipelis - Balaphon Rhythm
A2. Perdu - Goldrush
B1. Pletnev - Silver Sand
B2. Jono Ma - Ma Ma Afri Ka
B3. M’papamo Dongo - Limba Limba

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