Walls Of Dada

Walls Of Dada II

Image of Walls Of Dada - Walls Of Dada II
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Saturday Night Sunday Morning

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Chris Olley from six by seven and Peter Holmström from The Dandy Warhols return with their second Walls Of Dada album. Walls Of Dada is a transatlantic cold wave project for fans of Cabaret Voltaire, Joy Division, early Cure and Bauhaus. This album carries on where the first one left off. 


1. Will (5:08)
2. Real (4:21)
3. S.O.B. Damn This Mess (4:51)
4. Waiting For Something In Life (4:29).
5. Plastic Bag (3:37)
6. Sides (4:45)
7. It’s A Different Life (I’m Living Now) (5:23)
8. False (5:28). 

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