Todos Os Pássaros São Meus Amigos

About this item

Discos Extended is a new label set up by the Extended Records family. Their first record, “Todos os Pássaros São Meus Amigos” is from a new Portuguese project called Turista, another moniker from the well known Hugo Vinagre (Miguel Torga / Early Jacker).

On the A Side, “Hippies” and “Kimbundu” are two slow burners with heavy vocal samples, taking us to tribal and African landscapes.

On the B Side we have another original called “Mantra” and a remix made by Internal Ny Rhythms, a moniker from a well known Portuguese producer, that extends “Kimbundu” to a melting dub trip. A proper mental groove for the more wigged out and esoteric themed dance spaces. Recommended!


Matt says: Take a river cruise through ancient Amazonian jungle on this highly evocative EP from Turista and the Discos Extendes tribe.


A1. Hippies (Original Mix)
A2. Kimbundu (Original Mix)
B1. Mantra (Original Mix)
B2. Kimbundu (Internal Ny Rhythms Mix)

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