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Cult Swedish DIY hardware / electronix label Borft present another EP from Anders Enge - a producer who's been around for the last few years releasing on Dissociated Rhythm & Funeral Fog and who's last EP for the label, "Tengdahlsg. Acid Master" demonstrated a love of lysergic sounds and out-there frequencies.

"Limp Funk" kicks off the party here, a thoroughly psychedelicised jaunt into hardware funk characterized by loud perc hits sent careering through a flapping tape delay, tipping it's hat to both Detroit techno and Chris & Cosy in equal measure - most excellent!

"Night Clogging" deposits some slimy, alien techno detritus onto the wax - landing somewhere between Blawan's mutant formations and the gremlin march of Ireland's Muscle Recordings - again, very good!

"Love Loser" sees twanging, metallic tek shown off by a man obviously completely in charge of his machines. No fooling around at the back of the class, just conjuring up impenetrable technoid grooves for our extended enjoyment.

Finally, "Pollen" is a more modular effort - sounding like the impending collapse of the entire studio. Its glitchy beats, elastic bass and alien chatter bringing to mind London Modular Alliance or Adapta on Brutalist Sunset - and, yes, you've guessed it - INCREDIBLY GOOD!


Matt says: Big label for me Borft and this new one from Enge's got 'BUY ME' written all over it. From the pumpin' hydraulics of "Limp Funk" to the demonic carnival techno of "Love Loser" it's a totally encapsulating listen. Need.


A1. Limp Funk
A2. Night Clogging
B1. Love Loser
B2. Pollen

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