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Lush breaks, with hints of UK hardcore and classic bleep house inhabit this wonderful EP. Kicking off with "Animal Samba'", a bright, vintage house groove full of tuned toms & cowbell plus sampled vocal stabs and wavy synth part. I could well be a long lost hit off Champion, Trax or any other classic acid label. "Junglitter" sees a slow and murky 'Think' breakbeat cleverly programmed and manipulated under a dystopian growl and dark outlook, minor key synth parts hammering the sinister vibe home further.

"Musiphon" opens side B and chugs away with a hefty drum palette, dominant B-line and emotive pad chords. Perfect for late on in the session with high mist and flashing lights as your only company out on the floor as you lose yourself to dance! "Vedelius" concludes with a mini-anthem of sorts. I say that as if you're not hugging your mates & professing maximum love to all and sundry when the concentric bleep, incessant claps and spine-tingling chords come in then you may need a visit to your nearest cardiologist. Heart-wrenching new hardcore / breaks action that's both sympathetic to the style but ear-catching, inventive and guaranteed shake the dancefloor to its foundation. Recommended! 


Matt says: The hardcore resurgence is throwing up plenty of foot-fodder for out hungry ears; some of it good, some of it not so good and thankfully, some of it - MEGOHH! This definintely falls into the latter category


A1. Animal Samba
A2. Junglitter
B1. Musiphon
B2. Vedelius

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