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"Paciencia" is the latest taster from Brazilian duo Phillipi & Rodrigo's imminent LP, recorded, produced and mixed at Studio Deewee in Gent. Boasting songs about the cosmos, relationships, nostalgia and signs of the Zodiac, the album, also called ‘Paciencia’, will drop early next year on the Belgian imprint.
Back to the matter at hand and the South American synth wielders spark the pipe and thrust us headlong into a wormhole of glittering bleeps and hypnotic sequences, echoing Omar Souleyman or Onyeabor's most electronic moments but with a heady Balearic house slant. Steady bass tones provide the necessary lung-rumble for any good club cut and the rattling percussion should have you punching the air like a loon. Wrought by the hands of the Dewaele brothers, the transatlantic "Deeweedub" sports a cunning percussive build-up before shedding its skin and heading straight for the heart of the dancefloor. File next to Sordid Soundsystem and Mr Assister in your trance dancing 12" section.


Patrick says: Deewee's Brazilian signings return to the Belgian imprint with a fresh 12" ahead of next year's debut LP. Fusing the electronic dabke of Omar Souleyman with a totally hypnotising take on Balearic house, the duo turn out a right ripper here. Even better though is the DeeWee Dub by those Soulwax bros, which strips things back and switches up the arrangement for maximum dancefloor impact.


A1. Paciencia
B1. Paciencia (DeeWee Dub)

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