Mad As Hell

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Banoffee Pies

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It can be hard keeping track of all the different little side-projects and sub-labels Bristol's Banoffee Pies are involved in. The relatively young firm have been pivotal in releasing some really quite inspired dance music over the last few years which seems deliciously mellow & biotic in contrast to some of the more icy cold, abrasive dance styles that occupy the scene. Up to record eight on the original stable, Gallegos, a Bristol native, presets four tracks from his studio for our listening pleasure.

"Mad A Hell" opens proceedings with a low-slung breakbeat supporting a vicious, flailing ADSR syth line, shuddering and juddering into focus and sure to cause a rising tide of excitement on the dancefloor. "Beach Feet" contrasts Balearic-tinged Strat guitar lines with gentle propulsive perc and a bubbling b-line to great effect, adding the final embellishment of meandering jazz sax; this is one of those deep coastal burners that'll keep the outdoor terraces simmering nicely as the evening draws in.

Flip for "Be Who You Want To Be", which switches back to the simple, breaks-n-synth formula of the opening track but losing none of its urgency or impact. Finally, "England Is A Bitch" pairs Linton Johnson's powerful spoken word poem ("Inglan Is A Bitch") with riotous flute passages, intricate jazz drumming and mellow Rhodes for a spiritual-jazz-dance hybrid perfectly tailored for 2018's turbulent times. Banoffee Pies ride again! Recommended.


A1. Mad As Hell
A2. Beach Feet
B1. Be Who You Want To Be
B2. England Is A Bitch

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