Max Romeo

A Dream

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Radiation Roots

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Max Romeo's "A Dream" is considered one of the early high points of his catalogue. Straddling the rocksteady-ska-reggae interchange with a cheerful if poignant outlook and unique vocal style.

This is the FIRST TIME this classic album has been reissued, and surprisingly hasn't suffered the fate of many others by being bootlegged to buggery! Radiation Roots have done an excellent job at transferring this very honest and clear rendition of Romeo's unique style.

The LP was recorded at the request of Bunny Lee, following a split from Max's previous band The Emotions (which Lloyd Shakespear also played in). With its controversial title it was banned by the BBC, but still went on to top the British charts! Establishing Romeo as a hero on our home soil and resulting in a rapturous response at Wembley's Caribbean Music Festival the same year. 


A1 Wet Dream
A2 A No Fe Me Piccn'y
A3 Far Far Away
A4 The Horn
A5 Hear My Plea
A6 Love
B1 I Don't Want To Lose Your Love
B2 Wood Under Cellar
B3 Wine Her Goosie
B4 Club Raid
B5 You Can't Stop Me

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