Lovehrtz Vol. 1

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White Label

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Two belting house cuts here on this limited edition, vinyl only, hand stamped white label disc from LoveHrtz; who have either been paying close attention to the furore that the Adelphi Music Factory 12" caused t'other week or have burst outta the same camp - it's hard to tell!

"Classic Case" has already been receiving Radio 1 airplay in the UK, and both tracks have been doing the rounds the Ibiza this summer; no surprises really, as the two cuts are solid, feel good, disco injected house tracks that ooze pure party flavour! Are we due a surprise 'French touch' revival? I didn't think so but there's certainly some hi-nrg adulterants doing the rounds at the moment as the yoof look for that explosion of high octane power to soundtrack their Saturday nights. I say - get involved!

Better move quick on this one folks...


Matt says: I've tried to put this back like three times already, fearing my encroachment of old age and lack of high octane techno gigs. Then I thought f**k it, necked two garys and had myself a living room rave.


A1. Classic Case
B1. Touch My Soul

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