Mutant City Acid

Image of Posthuman - Mutant City Acid
Record Label
Balkan Vinyl

About this item

First full length from Posthuman in eight years. Named from, and created as a companion piece to the (completely sold out) Mutant City Acid series on Balkan Vinyl. Inspired by classic computer games such as ‘Syndicate’, ‘Flashback’ and ‘Beneath A Steel Sky’, it is written as the soundtrack to a journey through a near-future dystopian city, awash in the glow of neon skyscrapers. Digging into the weirder side of acid techno and electro, this is still an album for the dancefloor but with one eye on the darker corners of the room.

Pressed on completely random coloured vinyl – red, green, yellow, blue -.some marbled, some faded, some solid, some translucent – the first time this has ever been done. The entire pressing process was video livestreamed from the plant with engineers answering questions in the chat (again, a first). Comes in a full colour gatefold sleeve adorned with retro pixel art. 


A1. Into Gestalt
A2. Nightride To New Reno
B1. Once Was
B2. Gods Of Technology
C1. Junk Bonds
C2. Raid On Kyoto Quarter
C3. Shellworld Industries
D1. Abaskun Control
D2. Transit System Error
D3. Wishmountain

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