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In My Life

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After releasing the LP 'Its A World Before You' Kaidi Tatham comes home to 2000black.and what a return it is!!'Freddie Can't Run Away' is everything one would wish for from a fusion track and shows
Mr Tatham is truely in his own lane.'But You Bring It Up' features vocals from Nadine Charles on a warm soul jazz track.The rest of the ep covers everything jazz, boogie and funk orientated with the uptempo'Is Crimbo Really Here' & 'In My Life' 


Sil says: It is late 90s Notting Hill, Ladbroke Grove sound. Yes it is broken beat. It sounds exactly the same as any other Goya release. And that is a good thing! Keep them coming Kaidi.


1 Freddie Can't Run Away
2 But You Bring It Up
3 Is Crimbo Really Here
4 In My Life 

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