Dope Feat. Fuck Authority (Julian Cope)

Seven Disquieting Dirges:

Image of Dope Feat. Fuck Authority (Julian Cope) - Seven Disquieting Dirges:
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Enviromental Studies

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Who's ready for this epic new twist in the Dope saga? Yes, Dope have teamed up with Bristol's anarchic double bassist Fuck Authority to deliver the most rustic musical onslaught since The Wicker Man soundtrack, as glockenspiels, hunting horns and hand-drums conspire to orchestrate Fuck Authority's superb bowed sub bass themes on titles such as 'Cornish Funeral Paths' and the 16-minute 'The Ranters'. Featuring seven track in all, this contrary CD release brings to mind the acoustic scrapings of Wolfmangler, or perhaps the endlessly repetitive themes of Padstow's Obby Oss. Don't expect a vinyl release, neither - this stuff would just make your needle jump out of the grooves. Dope feat. Fuck Authority is the kind of music that could inspire a whole new genre of young musicians. Buy one for your fave musical nephew or niece and watch them make a cult of themselves.


1. Cornish Funeral Paths
2. The Farmyard
3. A Fiery Flying Roll
4. The Old Barn
5. The Anglo-Saxon Work Ethic
6. The Ranters
7. Christ Burroway At Toller Porcorum

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