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It’s hard to talk about techno without Robert Hood. The Motor City mainstay was a founding member of the pivotal Underground Resistance with Mad Mike Banks and Jeff Mills, and then went on to lay down a blueprint for minimal techno which continues to make an impact to this day. As Floorplan, of course, he veers into more funky and melodic house and techno, often with a gospel overtone that lead to rapturous receptions on dance floors around the world.

But the techno he makes as Robert Hood is what he is best known for. It has come on his own M Plant label, as well as vital outlets like Tresor, Peacefrog and Dekmantel, where 2017’s"Paradygm Shift" album proved that, 25 years after first starting out, he is still a force unto himself. The record was a return to the roots of his definitive "Minimal Nation" LP in 1994, and was filled with the sort of expert melodic loops, scintillating drums and hypnotic sense of repetition
that only a few can master: making such simple yet effective music is a skill that Hood has made all his own.

His DJ-Kicks mix proves that once more: it is a techno mix, pure and simple. It exudes the trademark machine warmth and muscular sense of groove that makes Hood’s style so infectious. Most tracks are from the last few years and come from a range of mainly European producers, but the result is pure Robert Hood.

The perennial futurist wastes no time in getting down to business: after a brief buzzing synth line sounds like a spacecraft warming up for takeoff, the rubbery, relentless drums arrive and remain rooted to the floor for seventy minutes. Despite his famously linear approach, the tension between tracks, suspenseful breakdowns and sci-fi sense of melody throughout keeps you engaged: there is just enough light in the dark, sufficient colour between the shadows and constant sense of pressure to keep you utterly engaged from start to finish. Robert Hood is synonymous with techno, and his entry into the DJ-Kicks series shows exactly why.

The double LP version contains eight singular tracks in their entirety (as opposed to the CD which contains the whole mix, uninterupted). Truncate, Slam, Gary Beck and Robert Hood are amongst its contributors and it's the perfect companion vinyl to the full length DJ Mix.


Barry says: One of the godfathers of modern techno, Robert Hood slams through a wide-ranging collection of straight-up bangers, filter-heavy basement tackle and hypnotic syncopated dissonance, all underpinned with a robust and ever-present kick. Get up, and GO.


1. Connected (Intro)
2. Robert Hood - Focus (DJ-Kicks) **
3. Truncate - Terminal 5
4. Slam - Remain
5. Robert Hood - Clocks
6. Marcel Fengler - Mirror Man
7. Mark Broom - King (Gary Beck Remix)
8. Robert Hood - Greytype I **
9. Robert Hood - Mirror Man
10. Stare5 - We Will Not
11. Gary Beck - Video Siren
12. Mark Reeve - Dice
13. Robert Hood - Bond Solid **
14. Landside - Signs Of Change (Robert Hood Remix)
15. Adrian Hour - Make You Feel Good
16. Ben Long & Tom Hades - The Knight Rider
17. Clouds - Chained To A Dead Camel
18. Hans Bouffmyere& Kyle Geiger - Inwards
19. Robert Hood - Machineform **
20. Robert Hood - Hall Of Mirrors
21. Oliver Deutschmann - Confuzed
22. Matrixxman - Protocol
** = Exclusive Track

A1. Robert Hood - Focus (DJ-Kicks) **
A2. Truncate - Terminal 5
B1. Slam - Remain
B2. Stare5 - We Will Not
C1. Gary Beck - Video Siren
C2. Mark Reeve - Dice
D1. Landside - Signs Of Change (Robert Hood Remix)
D2. Ben Long & Tom Hades The Knight Rider
** = Exclusive Track

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