Belpaese 02

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Belpaese Edits

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After making their debut with that wicked four tracker of Italian edit excellence at the end of summer, the mysterious talents behind the Belpaese project down their grappa and step up to the plate with a second volume of cut up killers. The set opens with a total cinematic stomper called "Dal Vivo", pulling us in with tight bass riffs and tumbling percussion before the full bodied guitars, horns and hairspray synth licks turn our brains inside out. Over on the B1 the intensity drops a little for the Balearic splendour of "Moribonda", a coastal boogie bomb with rapped Italian vocals, chunky pianos and all the warmth of a mid afternoon Aperol. Last but not least, "Sara Uno Smacco" is a funked up slow roller with a cool female vocal, warm strings and a rattling back beat. Think Carly's "Tranquilo" by way of Cliff's "Green Light" and you're gonna be a happy camper.

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