Themes For An Imaginary Film

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The neon lights that decorate a dive bar’s window cast a vivid reflection in rainwater on the pavement outside, as steam rises from deep beneath the ground. A slow pan across the scene, past alleys cast in shadow, twilit corners & glass doorways streaked with the mist of humid bodies fuming inside: the camera catches the denizens of an unnamed city, studying faces heavy with secrets too sad to bear. Cut to the motorway. Sleek cars barrel through the night. Sirens moan. Engines rev. You’re behind the wheel, over the edge as the credits roll.

This film does not exist — but the soundtrack does. Symmetry is Johnny Jewel & Nat Walker, & Themes For an Imaginary Film is their two-hour cinematic opus pokus, a sprawling score for a movie that screens only in your mind. A “conceptual tangent between Glass Candy, Chromatics, Mirage, & Desire’s more abstract sides,” as Jewel himself describes the project, Symmetry is a vigorous, electric, restless exploration of ideas on the bleeding edge of instrumental sound. Analog synthesizers roll and crest, drums collide, keys cascade clear & crystalline. These themes evoke the phantasmic images that inspired them: urgent and ethereal, sinister & romantic. It’s a neo-noir epic of pink fog & femme fatales hidden behind rain drenched windshields after dark.


A1. Introduction
A2. City Of Dreams
A3. Over The Edge
A4. The Night Shift
A5. Paper Chase
A6. Outside Looking In
B1. Midnight Sun
B2. Behind The Wheel
B3. Thicker Than Blood
B4. A Sort Of Homecoming
B5. Winner Take All

C1. Death Mask
C2. Jackie's Eyes
C3. The Fading Faces
C4. Mind Games
C5. The Maze
C6. Threshold
D1. Flashback
D2. Blood Sport
D3. Survival Instinct
D4. Hall Of Mirrors
D5. Eulogy
D6. The Messenger

E1. Love Theme
E2. Through The Gauntlet
E3. Ghost Town
E4. Cruise Control
E5. Wave Goodbye
E6. Magic Gardens
E7. An Eye For An Eye
F1. The Point Of No Return
F2. Cremation
F3. The Nightshift (Reprise)
F4. Memories Are Forever
F5. Echoes Of The Mind
F6. Streets Of Fire

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