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Italians Do It Better

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Glitz, gloss, glamour and grit from the mean streets of NYC here, as Chromatics' cinematic synth chanson "Lady" gets plucked off "Kill For Love" and slapped on a maxi Pink Champagne coloured vinyl. A perfect combination of pulsating bass, trembling synth keys and soft focus vocals, "Lady" is vintage IDIB, especially when that stomping beat comes in. The "Looking For Love (Instrumental)" is a killer bit of moody and hypnotic Italo heat for warm ups and rub downs, while the synthetic grandeur of "Lady" comes through fully via the instrumental version. The B-side features the unreleased “Lady” (On Film) which contains the 3rd vocal verse that was never released on “Kill For Love,” plus the extended 15 minute disco version of “Looking For Love”, a frankly epic addition to any Italo collection.


A1. Lady
A2. Looking For Love (Instrumental)
A3. Lady (Instrumental)
B1. Lady (On Film)
B2. Looking For Love (Disco Version)

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