Hayes & Zeitgeist

Otway Chimes

Image of Hayes & Zeitgeist - Otway Chimes
Record Label
Moonshoe Records

About this item

Moonshoe set their sights south of the border, shining a light on a collaboration between two vanguards of the Melbourne underground - Ziggy of 30/70 and Analogue Attic alumni Matthew Hayes. This EP bridges both their sounds while retaining a flavour all of its own, and Hayes’ spacious production affords their ideas room to breathe. The result combines disparate influences from jazz, ambient techno, house music, and broken beat to form a musical vernacular that feels singular to these two.


A1. Emerald Conifers
A2. Honey Pot
A3. Otway Chimes
B1. Jarvis Gem
B2. Club Rush
B3. Rose Opal

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