Beraber / Daisuke Kondo

Cognitiva Point Of View #1

Image of Beraber / Daisuke Kondo - Cognitiva Point Of View #1
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Cognitiva Records

About this item

Point of View is a new project by Cognitiva Records.It is a limited series of 150 hand-signed, 7-inch copies.
Each release will compare two artists who offer up different interpretations on one theme.

Beraber is an Amsterdam based producer and DJ that made his debut on La Freund Recordings. He also has a bi-monthly show on Red Light Radio. "Shades Play" is a relaxed and summery bedroom box jam with dusty drum boxes and analogue synths giving a biotic, soulful edge to the housey theme delivered. Composed on Juno-6, Korg M1 and TR-707, it's not a million miles away from the Mood Hut sound and delivers just as much joy.

Daisuke Kondo appeared on Bosconi Records, Altzmusic and Vibraphone, and is back here with a leftfield house jam. Wobbly and shimmering, air bubbles seem to rise to the surface of the mix while salty coastal waters ensure we're bobbing on the surface, Sun flecked rays landing on our face as we dance in the ocean. 


A. Beraber - Shades Play
B. Daisuke Kondo - Coast2Coast

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