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Dungeon Funk EP

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Dixon Avenue Basements Jams launches its sub-label Neutralizer, a new outlet for the dirtier end of their tastes (is that possible?! - ed), with four honkin’ jam rolls from Belfast’s own Carlton Doom, purported to be the adult alias of a feral child featured in the infamous 2002 documentary: Wild Child.

The "!Dungeon Funk" EP at once references the dirty frolic of classic Hague / Glasgow manoeuvres, upcycling all that old shite to reflect a far more harrowing take on the desolate, post-sensible future we’re wishing into existence. BenzodiAcid and the rhythm of hard industry, stitched together with a dod of good ‘old fashioned mechanical funk and strong will to fuck it all off.

It's great to see Dixon Avenue branch into new territories, as Martin and his trusty bunch of militant sound manglers present the new sound of the dancefloor - loud, wobbly and lysergic AF but with a slow, ever-evolving menace that alligns it with the current tribal-punk obsession. Catch a slice of the now and get ready to bend minds...


Matt says: Fresh outta Glasgow and sounding more feisty than a Jack Russell with separation anxiety, Neutralizer and Calton Doom switch the mood of the dancefloor in tune with the seasons and bring the darkness. Check dis!


A1.Carlton Doom Feat. Brién - Dungeon Funk
A2. Frankenflexx
B1. Axid
B2. Dance At My Party

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