Omar S Feat. Simon Black

I'll Do It Again

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Omar-S introduces Detroit's newest diva on the scene, Simon Black with an X-Rated 12" for the real freaky types. In line with some of the definitive vogue house tracks of the past, "I'll Do It Again" will become a future ballroom staple. On the flipside, "Freaky Type" sees Black slows it down and steams it up with some nasty vox over a beat produced by FIT Siegel. High kicks and hand snaps all around!


Matt says: Mental good record here from the people's favourite pinball wizard and sports car hoarder. "I'll Do It Again" shows all the signs of becoming a mini-anthem across the global dance village. Get in on the action before everyone else and get this bagged pronto!


Ill Do It Again
Freaky Type

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