Pere Ubu

Final Solution

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Record Label
Fire Records

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A very limited repress, 1000 copies only for the world. The phenomenal “controversial” single from 1976 that kick started Ohio’s reaction to punk rock. “Belying the frightening soundscape was a definite, playful humor, both in the wordplay and in the specific complaints.” All Music // A bleak and morbid worldview based on a Sherlock Holmes’ story that ensured the new wave and the cold war would collide in post punk acrimony. Listed on Rate Your Music as “anxious, misanthropic, futuristic, noisy, male vocals, suicide, rebellious, alienation”. A must have piece of American music history from a band who reinvented music in their own image. A limited edition pressing recreating their second self released Hearpen single, sounding just as revolutionary and inspirational many moons later. “Like much of Ubu's early music the sound of the bleak industrial wasteland that was Cleveland, OH, in the '70s


A Final Solution.
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