John Zorn

Salem 1962

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Julian Lage, Matt Hollenberg, Trevor Dunn, Kenny Grohowski.The Devil Bid Me Serve Him * Spectral Evidence * Tituba * Witness to an Invisible World * Spell Bound * Malleus Malleficarum * Dark of the Moon * Under an Evil Hand * Sarah Good * I Will Not Write In Your Book Though You Do Kill Me! The second studio CD by Zorn’s incendiary new instrumental quartet Insurrection presents a remarkable suite evoking the tragic reign of terror in the Early American settlement of the Massachusetts Bay Colony commonly known as The Salem Witch Trials. The music is both intense and hauntingly beautiful, touching upon aspects of Possession, Magic, Witchcraft, Hysteria, Tragedy and Transformation. Tighter than ever, this dynamic instrumental quartet performs brilliantly in this spellbinding followup to their eponymous first release. Featuring some of the most insane guitar fireworks ever, Salem 1692 is no less than a musical reign of terror. 

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